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Two-Hundred Miles of Sheer Beauty! That's the best way to describe Vermont's constantly changing views on Scenic Route 100, which runs from just south of Wilmington, Vermont, to Lake Memphremagog just short of the Canadian border. Travel any section of Route 100 that you wish. It is easily accessed from a number of East/West Routes throughout the state!

Display Route 100 VermontAlthough a good portion of the route hugs the eastern slopes of the Green Mountain National Forest, much of it steps away for farms and quaint villages ideal for browsing and meal breaks, and overnight or weekend lodging. You'll find everything from Farm Stands & Farmers' Markets to Hay Rides, Pumpkin Patches, Cider Mills and Wineries along the way during the warmer months.

There's also no shortage of craft shows during the fall season. In winter you'll find everything from ice-fishermen to Horse-drawn Sleigh Rides and Snowmobile Rentals. Needless to say, the entire route is a photographer's dream come true... especially during the Fall Foliage Season.

Take note that if you are going to need Lodging during the Foliage Season, you had best make your reservations far in advance or your choices may not be many!

One might think that during the cold winter months it is a road less traveled... not true! It is equally beautiful when blanketed in snow. Many of Vermont's major ski resorts are accessed via Route 100, and its towns, destinations for winter sports enthusiasts, and just plain romantics!

Turn By Turn

Beginning At The Southern End

There are several towns on Route 100, south of Wilmington [Jacksonville, Whitingham and Readsboro]. However, you would best access Route 100 from Route 9, from Brattleboro to the East [I-91], or from Bennington [from the West]. Map of Entire Scenic Route 100

Browsing the small town of Wilmington is to step back in time, except for its craft shops and galleries, which are extremely popular during Summer and Fall. In Winter, it's home to many skiers at nearby Mount Snow. Heading north you will soon pass through West Dover, the home of Mount Snow. North again. being careful to remain on Route 100 as it joins and breaks away from Route 30. On to Londonderry and Weston!

Route 100, Weston, VT

You'll most probably want to stop in picturesque Weston. It's home to the legendary Vermont Country Store; The Old Mill Museum; The Weston Playhouse; and the Weston Priory, a Benedictine Monastery. It's also known for its annual Fall Antique and Craft Shows. There are also several inns and eateries here.

Next, you'll travel north to Ludlow, home of Okemo Mountain Ski Resort. There's plenty of lodging and eateries here. Again, be careful to remain on Route 100 North as it joins and then leaves Route 103.

Camp Plymouth State Park, Route 100, Ludlow, VT

Within five minutes of leaving Ludlow you will begin traveling through the "Lakes Region"... a beautiful section of Route 100! There's a great State Park here, Camp Plymouth State Park. It's in a beautiful setting, and has a sandy beach, picnic area, rental boats, snack bar, etc. Great for kids as well!

Further north on Route 100 you'll come upon the town of Plymouth. The Calvin Coolidge Homestead is in Plymouth Notch, less than a mile away on Route 100A. It's definitely worth a visit even if you're not a history buff!

Back to Route 100, heading north. Within a few miles you will intersect with Route 4. You'll turn left onto Route 4/100 for several miles. As you approach the Killington Area Route 100 leaves Route 4 and heads north again. Directly opposite this intersection is the Killington Resort Access Road. You may wish to explore it. Some nice places to eat... And, during Fall Foliage Season you can take their gondola to the summit for some spectacular views!

Moss Glen Falls, Granville Gulf, Route 100, Vermont

Back to 100 North! Get your camera out, there's some breathtakingly beautiful scenery ahead! On to Pittsfield, Stockbridge, Rochester and Hancock, Vermont. Be sure to take in the Country Stores! Granville is next. Farms, Cows... rural Vermont! Then, you're soon in seven miles of  forest called Granville Gulf. Watch for Moss Glen Falls [Waterfall] on your left. Great picture-taking!

What's next? You're in the Mad River Valley, and the towns of Warren and Waitsfield. Main Street, Warren, has a great County Store [The Only Store], a luxury inn, and not much more. However, it's a busy place in Winter as it's the home of the Sugarbush Ski Resort, one of Vermont's finest.

Warren VT Country Store, Route 100

Waitsfield, is up the road a piece [Route 100]. There's lots going on in Waitsfield. Shops, Inns, Restaurants and more. In Spring, white water enthusiasts will be seen on the Mad River in their canoes and kayaks which, fed by melting snows, lives up to its name. During the Summer and Fall they're replaced by recreational canoes, kayaks and fly fishermen! It winter, it draws folks from far and wide to ski Mad River Glen, which lives up to its slogan "Ski It If You Can".

Go North! Cross I-89 in Waterbury and continue north toward Stowe. There's plenty of interesting sites on the way.. including Vermont's most popular cider mill... a major destination in the Fall.

Mt. Mansfield, Stowe Area, Vermont [Route 108]

Stowe and Mt. Mansfield? Spectacular! And, contrary to what you may think, is a major destination during summer and fall. The village of Stowe has some great shops and galleries, lodging and dining. However, you'll also want to take a side-trip up Mt. Mansfield [Vermont's Highest Mountain] via Route 108 out of Stowe Village. Great lodging establishments here! Unlike many of Vermont's mountains, Mt. Mansfield is rugged terrain.. with rock formations and road-side boulders bigger than your car! Continue over the mountain to Smugglers' Notch... more spectacular scenery. Note: This route is only open May through approximately Mid-October. During the winter it is impassible and closed due to snow.  Back to Route 100 North

The remainder of Route 100, to the Canadian Border, consists of small towns and villages until you reach Newport and Lake Memphremagog...half in Vermont, half in Canada. Enjoy!

Map of Entire Scenic Route 100

Recommended Access Points To Route 100 From I-91
[Eastern Border of Vermont - South to North]

Exit: Brattleboro

Travel from I-91 [Exit 1] to Route 100, Wilmington, VT

Travel I-91 [Exit 1] to Route 100 to Weston & Londonderry

Exit 8: Ascutney

I-91 [Exit 8] Route 131 to Route 103 Ludlow... To Route 100 North

Exit 10, Route I-91 to Route I-89 NW, To Route 100N Toward Stowe

Route I-89 to Route 100N [Waterbury/Stowe] from I-91

Recommended Access Points From Route 7
[Western Border of Vermont]

Route 9, Bennington

Route 9 To Route 100 North

Route 11/30 Manchester

Route 11/30 to Route 11 to Route 100 North

Route 4, NY State Border

Route 4 [NY State Border] to Route 100 North in Killington, VT

Route 125, East Middlebury

Route 125 East to Route 100 North in Hancock, VT

Route I-89 East, Burlington

Route 89 East to Route 100, Stowe, VT


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